ALOHA Final Workshop - June 30, 2021 - Teams


The ALOHA Final Workshop has been held virtually on June 30th, 2021 through the online meeting platform Teams at:

The ALOHA project focuses on enabling deep learning in new applications and markets.
The ALOHA toolflow automates the implementation of DL inference on low-power embedded systems, enabling a shift to the edge computing paradigm. The main goal of ALOHA is to facilitate implementation of DL algorithms on heterogeneous low-energy computing platforms, providing support for optimal algorithm selection, resource allocation and deployment.

In this event, the ALOHA consortium presented the results achieved within the project, the assessment of the toolflow capabilities on the reference design cases, and a summary of the main technical solutions and research outcomes. The workshop was open to researchers and developers in the ICT community, from academy and industry, involved in both hardware and software development, as well as companies (including SMEs) interested in a smoother transition to deep learning for their products. Participation to the workshop was free of charge.

Video of the Workshop:

Part 1

Part 2



Project Coordinator
Giuseppe Desoli - STMicroelectronics

Scientific Coordinator
Paolo Meloni - University of Cagliari, EOLAB

Dissemination Manager
Francesca Palumbo - University of Sassari, IDEA Lab