Surveillance of critical infrastructures - Video demonstrator

This video presents the video surveillance of critical infrastructures use case within the ALOHA H2020 project.

We define critical infrastructure as being assets, systems and networks that, due to their nature, are essential for the proper functioning of a government, an economy or a society in general. Common examples of critical infrastructures are Correctional Facilities, Central Banks, Transportation Systems, Public Health Facilities, Energy and Water supply chains.

PKE, responsible for this use case whithin the ALOHA project, is working on Deep Learning based technologies to develop and improve intelligent video-based intrusion detection systems to secure such infrastructures.

Video by PKE.

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Video Surveillance of Critical Infrastructure using Deep Learning algorithms


Project Coordinator
Giuseppe Desoli - STMicroelectronics

Scientific Coordinator
Paolo Meloni - University of Cagliari, EOLAB

Dissemination Manager
Francesca Palumbo - University of Sassari, IDEA Lab