ALOHA with "WILD PATTERNS" at EUSIPCO2018 (Rome) and ECCV2018 (Munich), September



Wild Patterns is a Tutorial on Adversarial Machine Learning, periodically held by Pluribus One during several top conferences and events on machine learning and computer vision. The secure machine-learning algorithms and the related security assessment procedures defined within the ALOHA project have been presented by Battista Biggio and Fabio Roli during two editions of the tutorial, within EUSIPCO 2018, 26th European Signal Processing Conference (Rome, Italy, September 3-7) and then during ECCV 2018, European Conference on Computer Vision (Munich, Germany, September 8-14).
Slides of the two editions of the Tutorial are available: 







Project Coordinator
Giuseppe Desoli - STMicroelectronics

Scientific Coordinator
Paolo Meloni - University of Cagliari, EOLAB

Dissemination Manager
Francesca Palumbo - University of Sassari, PolComing